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Cathy has been a wonderful trainer to work with. I initially reached out to her when I learned my newly adopted dog was dog reactive. At the time I didn’t even know what that meant or if my dog could be “fixed.” I signed up for a package to focus on general obedience training as well as help working through the reactivity issues. Cathy was always very honest with me in terms of setting realistic expectations for my dog.  She was always prompt and prepared for each session. She set a lesson plan and brought along handouts for me which I found extremely helpful. Any time I had a question she was quick to respond to me. She not only trains your dog but teaches you how to train your dog which is even more important! I reached out again a few months later for some help with a specific style of training for reactivity.  I have definitely seen an improvement in my dog.  She is slowly becoming more relaxed when other dogs are near and is much less reactive overall.

~Susan B.

Cathy did a fantastic job with our high energy Border Collie Lila!  She worked with our whole family on techniques to train Lila through positive reinforcement.  She was able to build on Lila’s strengths to ensure her success in our training sessions.  Cathy was very easy to work with and explained all her techniques through theory-based instruction.  When she left our home, we were confident that we could carry through our learning and practice with our dog until our next appointment.  Cathy is the best!!

~Lisa K.

Cathy was a great help to us after we adopted our puppy.  I had no previous experience with puppies and thought it was a good idea to hire a trainer.  After a bit of research, I decided that positive reinforcement was the right way to go.  Cathy helped us develop good habits, recognize bad ones and strategize for future behavioral issues.  Cathy was thorough with her intake and very detailed in her training plan.  Now after a couple of months of training, our dog is well on his way to being the great pet and companion he was meant to be. 

~Andrea K.

Upon meeting Cathy for the first time, I could clearly tell how knowledgeable, kind & compassionate she is about dog training. Cathy uses a gentle yet assertive approach that my dog thrived off of in her classes. Personally, as a first-time dog owner, I did not know what to expect but I knew I wanted it to be a positive experience for my pup and that is exactly what Cathy teaches! Cathy goes above and beyond to personalize training for her clients which I greatly appreciated. She answered (and still answers) all of my questions about my dog and I am SO thankful for that. If you are looking for training classes, look no further, THIS is exactly what you need in your life. I learned so much through the weeks of training that I will never forget. Thank you, Cathy!

 ~Maddie M.

Cathy was very patient and took extra time with my very excited puppy who had limited interaction with other people and dogs due to COVID-19. During every session she was very enthusiastic about helping dogs and their owners learn. I learned a lot. Cathy truly loves dogs; her passion is contagious. She helped me enjoy my dog even more than I already did. 

~Kathy L.

I have a golden doodle who took classes. She learned a lot. Cathy was very informative and patient with my puppy. I would highly recommend her classes.  My puppy also loved Cathy and was very excited to be there.   

~Tina H. (Willow’s mom)     

This was my first experience with training that did not use negative reinforcement and it was so fun and rewarding.  Ledger, my dog loved class time and Cathy, the instructor.  I can’t wait to participate in further training opportunities and I highly recommend Cathy’s training services!

~Tina T.

Cathy is very knowledgeable and professional in her field of work. It is clear to see she truly cares about what she does by the way she trains dogs and educates dog owners. My girlfriend took our dog to the basic life skills class where we noticed great improvements in our dog’s behavior and listening skills almost immediately. She does an awesome job of breaking down ways to train dogs to do different tasks. If you are looking for a quality trainer that loves helping dogs and owners, I highly recommend reaching out to Cathy!

~Devin D.